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Olaf Kilthau, Owner/Managing Member of Area BFE Adventure Park in Moab, UT, is asking for pics from us – of CLOSED trails/areas from all over the country! Yes, trails and riding areas that have been closed to us (no matter how far back), with signs showing the closure or a gate or other barrier showing the trail/road/riding area CLOSED.

Olaf plans to initiate a visual campaign (hopefully with enough pics to post daily messages and closed trail signs) for all of us to see what has really happened to our outdoor backcountry access. This will also give us a database/inventory of at least some of the losses we have incurred.

Pics should be internet sized (less than 1 meg; preferably jpeg).
Pics can be emailed directly to Olaf, using [email protected]

Please add a short description of the pics you send. Your note to Olaf might look like this:
“This pic is of the closure sign at the mouth of Surprise Canyon in Panamint Valley, near Death Valley, CA, closed in May 2001. Before that we used to winch up 5 waterfalls to get to Panamint City, about 10 miles away. Now we have to walk to see this part of our desert history.”

There is no immediate deadline for submitting pics, but we’d like to get this database/project underway as soon as possible. However, if you come across a closed sign in the future, send it along as well. Olaf will keep a list of the closures and pics that go with them, for our future use.

Thanks for any help,
Del (and Olaf)

Questions may be addressed to Olaf using email: [email protected]

Del Albright
Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition www.sharetrails.org
Founding Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon www.rubiconfriends.com
Environmental Affairs, CA4WDC www.cal4wheel.com
Find us on Facebook here

Contact Del at [email protected]
Website: www.delalbright.com
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