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About 1.5 years ago I hydralocked my JK and I had to put a new motor in...Ever since the new motor was installed I have a "CLICKING" noise (sounds like baseball cards in spokes) when in moving in a forward direction...I pulled the 6spd tranny out and took it to a transmission shop thinking that it was internal...They said that there was nothing wrong with the tranny and told me it was made by Mercedes...While the tranny was out I replaced the clutch with a CF-II...When I had gears installed and asked the shop that did them to see what they thought it was and they thought it was the t-case...I decided to let it go for awhile and basically was going to wait until it blew then upgrade it...May 2010 when I had it inspected by a different shop (off-road) they said it was the t-case too...I got a used t-case late last fall well I just finally got to swapping it out over the weekend and the "CLICKING" noise is much better BUT it is still there...

I did noticed a small 1/4" tear in the boot for the front driveshaft...Not sure what it can be...Maybe the clutch...I have taken the front driveshaft out and the noise is still there...If the jeep is not under load (up on jack stands) the noise is not there at all...

Looking for any suggestions or ideas...Thanks.

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