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Cleaning up the wiring
So I finally got around to cleaning up all the wiring under the hood. With the led light bar, rear facing duallys, rock lights, and CB there was just way too much clutter for my taste. To clean it up, I decided to put a distribution block on the driver side where the pass through is.
Here is the battery after the install. Much cleaner than before.

Second pic is a front shot. You can see the wiring conduit running zip tied to the factory one. It has the + and - for the power dist block and the rock light wires for the passenger side.

The third picture is a shot of the power distribution block. It has 8 gauge wires running to the battery. Both connectors are crimped and soldered in. All that is left to do is to label everything. Notice that there is a fuse for each accessory. This allowed me to remove the in-line fuses from the lights.

Last pic is a shot of the box and the passthrough. You can see how much cleaner everything is. It was very easy to cut all the wire to a managable length.

The install took about 2 hours. Most of that was pulling wire, cleaning up, and planning out the cleanest run. I will eventually put a plastic base down to attach the box to (rather than just the 2 zip ties you see). When I do that I will probably also put a rubber wrap on it to keep it from getting wet from splash. Just thought I would share this weekend's project.


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