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Well the JK is back on the road, so I figure I post some pictures and go over whats available, almost ready, and soon to come.

So the JK long arm kit for 2007-2011 models is done. The kit is 100% bolt on, comes in upgrade kit form, or 3.5" or 4.5" complete systems. The t-case skid plate, and oil pan skid plates are both done. The rear long arm kit is done and in final testing.

The front is available and is in stock.

The oil pan and t-case skid are both in stock in bare metal form. We just got the e-coat sample and pricing. It will be available as an option.

The rear long arm should be available in about 1 month. Available online for anyone who wants to purchase and be at the front of the line.
Rear upgrade kit only.
Complete front and rear long arm upgrade kit.

And full lift kit, available in 3.5" or 4.5"

We also designed a front standard HD cross member. Skids came out great, but they do not work with a factory cross member. So we designed a OEM replacement out of 3/16s with the stock locations and the necessary locations for our full skid plate package. Cross memeber will be e-coated, and should be available for about $200. About 2 weeks out.

So now Clayton is working on shock relocation brackets to allow the long arm kit to use every inch of shock travel.

After that we will make our own line of rocker panels since the long arm may not work with every aftermarket version.

Then a 3/16s gas tank skid plate to work in conjuntion with the other skids.

After that who knows.

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions or comments.


Clayton Off Road Inc.
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