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I just wanted to say thanks to the guys at Classic City Offroad in Athens, GA. My wife and I are visiting family 900 miles from home without my tools. I started getting a bad shimmy in the rear end when I got on or off the gas. I traced it down to something loose in the left rear upper control arm, but didn't have the means to dig any deeper.

The guys at Classic City Offroad pulled the tire, made sure the bolt through the joint was still tight and the hole hadn't wallowed out. The Johnny joint is shot and they didn't have a rebuild or a new joint, but they greased it up for me. Best part is, they did it all for free. :beer::beer::beer:

Great bunch of folks to talk to and they had some pretty cool Jeeps and Toyotas in the shop. The blue buggy on Rockwells and 42" Iroks was pretty bad ass, and there were a few older jeeps in various stages of restoration.

Thanks again to Classic City Offroad.


(I am not affiliated with them in any way. I'm just very satisfied with their service and wished they were a few hundred miles closer to home)
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