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Chiva, west loop run this Sunday, 18th

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Going to run west loop Sunday, 18th. Will go in through three feathers staging area then up oh shit hill and back around. Unless of course everyone wants to go the other way, if so we can do that.

Meet @ Tanque Verde Circle K @ 7:00am. Leave at 8:00am.

I recommend that you bring plenty of water and lunch guys.
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Ill be there !!!! Bright and early ! Dont forget the eggs and bacon !:D

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Then he can show you up with his rustys lift. :nono-1:
That post was suppose to go on the other thread stupid app

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That's okay, only big swinging dicks going tomorrow. Neddle dicks will all be at Turkey Creek:thefinger:
My dicks small but ill pretend its big just for tomorrow !

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Thanks for comming and everyone else that came! Had a great time as always !!

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goooood times........
And thanks for making my asshole pucker several times it will probably be sore tomorrow

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Was Murray spreading your asshole too?
My asshole was gettong tossed around like a salad

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You had to be there for it to be funny.

When we pulled up to the bottom of 3 feathers, the flatbillers thought they were going to spot us up. Wrong. Then when head flatbiller was spotting his buddy in the "new" fourrunner on the crack he spotted him right into door damage.
Hahaha and the dad was yelling get it a running start ! Lol

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quite interesting -

flat-bill "hey maannnn - the last time i was out here a guy in a hemi-swapped jeep took that same line and broke that thing in the back that makes the tire come out the side"

me - "the what in the back?"

flat-bill - "you know that big thing in the back! man he tore his jeep up - he broke that and his driveshaft and some other stuff."

me - "how'd he get off the trail?"

flat-bill - "he drove it home man"


the best though was that he had only $6000 in his hooptie. and it could go everywhere.

except to the dmv.
Hahahaha did you see the look on that girls face when the billers were trying to get the yota off its side. She was pissed cause she couod hear us talking about them

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I have pics but every time I try to attach them it says my quota is exceeded not sure why.

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Peanut butter gets me every time. Even when I travel I have a jar of peanut butter with me in the hotel room

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If you are usimg the app, you are uploading directly to JKO and using their server to host the pix. You only get so many if you aren't a paid member. Otherwise you can always use photobucket or something and post.
Ahhh that sucks ! Ill try photo bucket then. Thank you

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