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Chiva, west loop run this Sunday, 18th

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Going to run west loop Sunday, 18th. Will go in through three feathers staging area then up oh shit hill and back around. Unless of course everyone wants to go the other way, if so we can do that.

Meet @ Tanque Verde Circle K @ 7:00am. Leave at 8:00am.

I recommend that you bring plenty of water and lunch guys.
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I think craig is going to come too

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Then he can show you up with his rustys lift. :nono-1:
Had an awesome time. Weather turned out very nice on the later half. Then to top it all off, we get to laugh and make fun of the flat bill crowd.
Hey man, I got like only 6000 in my rig. Didn't even see a tow strap or winch though. :suicide:
You had to be there for it to be funny.

When we pulled up to the bottom of 3 feathers, the flatbillers thought they were going to spot us up. Wrong. Then when head flatbiller was spotting his buddy in the "new" fourrunner on the crack he spotted him right into door damage.
You missed the last part though. After we pulled up the hill I looked back and they were all under the front end of the 4runner.

And what the **** were they going to do anyways, if push came to shove we would have pushed their fat asses down 3 feathers. They could barely get up it in their rigs, no way in hell they were going to make it up on foot. And if they did no one else was out there to see where the bodies were hid.
1 - 8 of 44 Posts
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