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Had a great day on the trails on Saturday. We covered quite a bit of ground considering the size of our group, and the weather was perfect with a quick thundershower blowing through in the early afternoon to help keep the dust at bay. We left Hwy 410 and ran 4W676 (Kaner Flats) up to Lily Pond, where we ate lunch. From there we continued on up 4W676 to the intersection with 4W306 (Manastash Ridge Trail), and took it up to the summit of Quartz Mountain. We took the 3100 fire road down to 3104, and then hit 4W307 (Tripod Flats) up to 4W694 and over to the Funny Rocks. Finally we made our way back down to Hwy 410 via 4W685 (Milk Lake Trail).

Didn’t get as many pics as I would have liked, but here are a few…

Gathering up and getting ready

Grouped up for lunch at Lily Pond

Some views from the top of Quartz Mountain

The group up on top

Gratuitous “I love my JK” shot :D

And here we are all bunched up in the trees on Tripod just before hitting 4W694

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