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Checking "back" in!

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Checking back in...had to come up with a name that was easier to say out on the trail...shoe fits.



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Your new identity reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld and Kramer's personalized tag.

So youre a vegan proctoligist?

Gold Knight, I'm right there with you. Thought the same thing.

except" Vegan Gas Man" and boy does that fit. I worked next to a vegan who ate only raw vegetables. It wasn't so much the smell as it was the burning of my eyes. :bawling:
Hey Vegassman,

Welcome back. Now remove that fawlking decal :thefinger:

Just kidding, have a beer on me. :beer: Well not on me , but have a beer.

When you gonna come up to NorCal for some wheelin. Lets meet halfway, Fresno area, Labor Day Weekend. what do ya say?
Eureka will be a nice break from the Vegas heat. FWIW, you don't seem like a jiggawha but then I only met you once. :grinpimp:
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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