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I'm not sure if this is placed in the right spot. If not, could a mod move it for me please. TIA

So I just replaced the gear oil in my transmission. Before I did the change I did some research on here as to what it would take to do. Everyone who had done it spoke of the drain plug and how much of a PITA it was to take out because of the exhaust cross pipe. Most recommended either getting a 17mm hex key and cutting and grinding it to fit, or getting a short 17mm hex head bolt, a couple of nuts and some thread lock and create a tool that way.

My solution was to go to the hardware store and get a 17mm coupling nut. Its fits perfectly and since its only about an inch long, its easy to get a wrench around it to take the plug out. Only cost $2.39 and didn't require anything else to work. Hopefully this helps some one down the road.

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NICE! :beer:
Your solution was less complicated than mine:

Transmission oil change on an NSG-370, should be a cake walk . . . WTF?
The transmission oil drain plug points right at the exhaust crossover pipe – fargin’ genius! :flipoff:

A little aluminum foil shaped properly will keep oil off the exhaust . . .
. . . but is there room for a hex bit?

NO! My stubby 17 mm socket will not fit into the transmission drain plug even without a ratchet . . . fawk! This just keeps getting better.

So I made a tool by cramming a nut and bolt together, and cutting the bolt off flush with the nut.

Laid a little MIG glue over the nut and bolt, then did a little clean-up with a file.

Jed Clampett work-around for the transmission drain plug since a reasonable “professional” tool could not be used.
If I was doing it over, I would have put a washer between the nut and bolt head. That way, the “tool” wouldn’t want to fall through my box wrench.
I split the difference between the 2 sets of 6 points, and it falls right through a 12 point box end wrench. 20/20 hindsight? Check!
But I was making do with crap on-hand at the time. :D
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