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I know this has probably been done before. But here it goes anyway.
I just got a set of new 315/70/17's and had to buy the spare tire mount extender since I am still using the factory wheels. But the tire would bounce around too much and cause damage to the tailgate, and the spare factory bump stops were not even touching

I picked up a small LED running light at oreillys for $5 and $1.50 for 1 foot of 1" diameter of heater hose. And a free old rubber mallet.
Shoved the heater hose inside of the factory bump stops for the spare.
Then I measured out 2" and cut the rest off.
I then cut down the side of the tube so it would flange out against the spare.

Then I went to work on the 3rd brake light since the new position of the spare completely blocks the factory one.
First I drilled a hole in the spare tire adapter.

I then ran the wires thru the hole for the new 3rd brake light.
And wire tapped into the factory wires.

Then set the spare up on the mount and reach thru and push the new light in where the center cap goes.

Tighten up the spare and that part is finished.

Now to tackling the problem of the big heavy spare on the factory tailgate.
Took the handle off of the old rubber mallet and measured the distance from the bottom of spare to the bumper cut out in the factory rear bumper. I then used a belt sander to shave off some of the mallet head at a time til I got a proper thickness. Test sitting it several times to make sure not too much upward force on the tire and make sure no interference with opening and closing the tailgate.
Then took 5 2" long screws and screwed them in halfway down and at an angle thru the mallet head and into the plastic rear bumper cover.

It doesn't look pretty but it gets the job done and my tailgate doesn't flex or rattle now from the weight of the oversized spare.
Hope this can help with others like me that have to wheel on a tight budget and don't yet have the money for the a/m rear bumper and tire carriers.
Total investment less than $10 for light, wire connectors, and heater hose.
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