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"CAIN" An '07 Steel Blue Unlimited Sahara Build

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In the Begining...

"CAIN" An '07 JK Steel Blue Unlimited Sahara Build

• Rock Krawler 5.5" X Factor Plus Coil Over Long Arm + Heavy Duty Drag Link and Tie Rod with Rock Krawler's Aluminum Remote Reservoir 14" 2.0 Coil-Overs at All Four Corners 14-250 16-350 Spring Rates
• Rubicon Electric Disconnect Swaybar
• Currie Rock Jock III Dana 60 Axles Front and Rear
• Superior 5.38 Gears
• Custom 1350 Driveshafts
• ARB Lockers
• PSC Steering With Cooler
• Atlas II 2-Speed Transfer Case
• Aluminum Block 426 Hemi
• G56 6-Speed Transmission (Same found in manual Ram 3500 Pickups)
• Ansani Design's Ram Air Hood (Painted to Match)
• Transmission Cooler
• Dual Yellow Top Optima Batteries for sound system and winch and a Red Top Battery for motor and accessories
• Woods Trunk (holds dual yellow top batteries)
• Walker Evans Beadlocks 17x8.5" 5x5.5 at 3.5" Back Spacing (Ring Painted to Match)
• 41.5x13.50-17" Pitbull Rocker Radials
• Poison Spyder BFH w/Comp Stinger
• Poison Spyder BFH Rear Bumper
• Poison Spyder Rock Brawler Sliders
• Poison Spyder Crusher Corners
• Poison Spyder Crusher Flares
• Poison Spyder TJ Tire Carrier - Modified to work on the JK
• LOD Trail Rack modified to fit behind rear SRT-8 Seats
• Poly Performance Transfer Case, Gas Tank, and Evap Skid Plates - Engine Skid modified to work with 426 Hemi
• Poly Performance Full Cage
• Blitz Gerry Cans Painted To Match
• Warn Powerplant with Viking Orange 3/8x100' Synthetic Line with Winch Safety Thimble Eye and 10' HD Line Protector
• AEV ProCal
• Front and Rear SRT-8 Bucket Seats (Power and Heated)
• Delta Quad Bar Xenon Headlights
• Delta Xenon Fog Lights
• Delta Skybar Xenon Lightbar
• Delta 150 Driving Lights
• Delta Windshield Light Mounts
• LED Rock/Trail Lights at all 4 Wheel Wells
• Custom "12VoltGuy" Switch Panel for Lights, Air, Winch, and Atlas Hi/Low Gears
• 3 Gallon On-board Air Tank
• 2 Air Chucks Routed to Front and Rear Bumpers
• Tail Gate (Custom Sheet-metal to Smooth it out and Raised JEEP Lettering)
• Relocated Radio Antenna to Rear Bumper and Replace it with Trail Rated Badge
• Cobra 75 WX ST
• 102" Whip Antenna and a 4 foot FireStick
• Wild Boar Fastback T-Top Painted to Match
• MyGIG (AllGIG)
• Modified LOD Trail Rack to install behind rear seats for extra storage.
• Complete Speaker Upgrade (still looking for the right speakers)
• Full FatMat Interior (Double Layered)
• Sponsor Stickers

After the motor is running we will determine correct gear ratio. 4.10 gears should work better than the 5.38 gears. The Hemi has dynoed well over 600 HP and torque at the crank.

426 Hemi and G56 Test Fit

YouTube - "CAIN" and friends at Easter Jeep Safari 2010

YouTube - Big Bend 2010

YouTube - Jeep Beach 2010

YouTube - "CAIN" 2010 - Spring Events


Follow Build At:
RockCrawl.org - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube

4ws.com - Pitbull Tires - Rock Krawler Suspension

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Shot of the Coil Over

Phase I nearly completed

Side Shot

Shot from the front, underside

Phase I completed

Wild Boar Fastback T-Top Painted to Match

Removed trail rack and gerry can holders - will reinstall as needed for trail use

Happy 4th of July

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Finally took some pic of some minor flex. I was limited though. the rear tire was rubbing. It will be corrected next time its in the shop.

swaybar connected:

tire rub:

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swaybar disconnected:

and pics of the sound system. (found them)

its showing the old RF P3's that after a year of use blew. right now it has Sony Xplodes. they were cheaper and perform much better. deeper bass with more kick than the more expensive P3's

well last weekend i made it back to that "hill". this time instead of disconnecting the swaybar links i pushed the button. (yeah, i forgot it was there) HA! anyways the JK went up higher and flexed more. the rear tires did rub but only the inside of the xenon fenders (plastic part that runs along the body where i first took off the paint). i didnt hit the corners this time. might have been because i aired down from 25psi to 5psi. i did go back to the original spot and made it to the middle of that 2nd rock. the body seemed to stay more level this time around.

if it hadnt rained friday i could have gone higher. even in 4lo i was loosing grip on the grass. lockers would have helped. i was mostly playing around on the other side of the hill. behind the JK in the other pics. its a bit steaper on that side.

while messing around i made up my mind and will be going with an automatic transmission during the hemi swap. ive been debating it for over a year now. it was too much of a pain to control the clutch, break and go pedals. plus i dont have the time to learn before i deploy again and the JK hits the 4ws.com shop.

the v-6 just doesnt have the power to climb at idle with all the extra wieght it has to pull around. it just sits there and dies. give it some go juice and manage the clutch and you start to wonder. "what is that smell?" doh!! id rather go auto than change a clutch in the field.

ill be getting a better steering pump as well. these big tires are starting to take its toll on it. this pump was replaced in 2008 after the last time i did some wheeling, before the mods.

sorry no pics of that day's activities. i was having too much fun to think about pics.

oh, if anyone has the warn powerplant. how long does it take for the air to build up before i can air up again? i turned it on and waited for 30 mins. the pump would turn on and off every 2 mins for 5 seconds. i wasnt getting air. thankfully we had a bubble tank with us. which made quick work on the tires.

during the 118 mile drive down today the JK seemed to wonder more on the highway. on the way back i had 20psi and it seemed better. just FYI for those others with maddogs. im still trying to find the happy psi for them. 30psi was too much and the tires would grab every defect in the road and follow it. they are smooth as silk on concrete but asfault they tend to follow the ruts that can pop up every now and then (depending on how old/used the road surface is) county roads with the tar and gravel crap is worse than a loose gravel dirt road. the ruts really make you "drive" the JK

Phase II could start as soon as the end of november. i deploy again shortly and it will be time to take the JK back to 4ws.com for more work. the list hasnt changed but will be adding to it. should be done in time for EJS

Any thoughts or comments would be helpfull for a successful build that works great and also looks good.

More pics to follow as i get them.
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here are the stock pics.

Oct 13th, 2006 the day i picked it up

Stuck on July 4th, 2008

sneaking in a wider shot of the sub box after the tuffy security deck install

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Happy 4th of July

Love that pic.

Welcome to JKO and yeah WOW:smokin:
definitely one HELL of a build! nicely done! LOVE the wheels and top! :beer:
welcome to jko
welcome and very nice rig:beer:
Looks good with a good plan.
Nice configuration

ive had a few people asking if a 40" tire will fit the LOD tire carrier. the answer is YES. today i was taking measurements of the tuffy security deck for another question (15" at its lowest from the bottom of the lid to the top of the "trunk lid" and 15 1/2" to the floor) and i went ahead and installed the hi-lift jack, trail rack, and gerry can holders.

here are the pics of the installs:

LOD Gerry Can Holder with Spacer (needed for tires over 37")

60" Hi-Lift jack installed (i used grade 8 9/16th bolts that were 2" long and a couple washers)

one of the gerry can holders installed

both holders and trail rack installed

you can see i do not need the hi-lift isolator to keep it from rattling. the trail rack put enough pressue on the handle to keep it very snug

all closed up and ready for the tire

shots of the damage my speaker box did 4th of July 2008 after a jump tossed it into the air and slammed back onto the tail gate. 2nd pic shows how the gate sheet metal buckled a little bit. with the hard top on you could put you arm in the hole before we pulled most of the bent metal back out.

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Tuffy Security Deck. one of my most favorite mods

Tire installed

lots of room from the top of the tire to the trail rack

rear view

space between tire and gerry can holder - this is with my 39" tire. there is room for a 40" but i dont think a 42" would fit

3rd brake light clearance

finished for today

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Looks great!!!! Looking forward to what comes next.
good grief... that is one killer build!

man thats sweet!
Love that top.
Awesome build. Makes my steel blue look Busch league.
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