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Just finished installing this on my 2014 JKUR and it seems to function well so far.

1. Speedometer reads correctly with the 37's
2. Seat belt doesnt ding at you anymore
3. Idle up (500-1500) functions correctly for winching
4. Displays trans temp, oil pressure, coolant temp and battery voltage
5. TPMS light is now disabled (I don't have sensors in my wheels)


1. Advertised as being able to turn sway bar off in 2wd (FAIL)
2. Advertised as being able to turn lockers on in 2wd, 4HI or 4LO (FAIL)
3. I loaded up the regular program and can't tell any difference in power (FAIL)

Have not tried the PREMIUM tune or the TRAIL tune yet...will update once I do.
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