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I have 2 of Bulldog LED Lightings 4" light bars on my 08 JK. They are attached to an SPOD.

When I received these lights, the wiring harness had a relay and switch already wired in. As I was using the SPOD, I cut the harnesses, removed the relay and switch, soldered, shrink tubed, and electrical taped the connections back together. Once installed, I found that I had horrible inference when the lights were on and I tried listening to the radio - to the point where the radio was useless.

I moved the wires around to different locations on the SPOD, no change - so I assumed my electrical skills in putting the harness back together was sub-par. I emailed bulldog lighting and asked if they could build me a custom harness without the relays and switches to see if that would fix the problem. They called me today ( great CS on their part as I emailed them late last week) and basically told me that they didn't think the issue was with my wiring (or re-wiring ability) but they know they have an interference issue with their LED lights and they don't have a solution to it.

I have other LED lights from a different company and have no interference issues - so I don't think its my radio.

Is anyone using LEDs from Bulldog Lighting, if so, do you have interference issues? Part of me still thinks there could be an issue with the wiring harness I chopped up and put back together....thoughts?
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