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If you're in a location where you are exempt from smog inspections, then go with the V8 swap and be done.

It sounds like you might have a Pentastar. You only really need the upgraded internals from Prodigy if you are running double digit boost, presumably in a turbo application. Even prodigy will tell you that. The Magnusson kit probably won't even break 9.9 psi with the high altitude kit. The Edelbrock kit is the same as the Magnusson with the smaller pulley already included. Swapping out the stock intake with a higher flow intake gets you a little more boost as did the water methanol kit I was running (it sealed the rotors better). Even with my manual transmission and spinning the engine and supercharger all the way to red line, developing the maximum possible boost, I only logged ~10.01 psi a couple of times. If you end up supercharging, skip the beefed up internals. The bottom end on a Pentastar is already forged and has 4 bolt main bearings. I've been inside my Pentastar (at 90k miles) and it's a beautiful engine. Very stout. Mine showed almost no wear at all even after all of the punishment I have handed down. Supercharger, WMI, driving it like I stole it and running it to redline. I had the heads off for head gaskets plus I pulled the oil pan and some rod and crank bearing caps for inspection. Amazingly pristine inside of the 90k mile Pentastar.

Doing it over again, I would skip the supercharger altogether. But now that the RIPP XL kit is out (it came out after I had already removed and sold the Edelbrock), I would probably eat crow on the whole TVS vs centrifugal argument and consider that one instead.

Almost everyone I wheel with that has had a supercharger has since removed it and gone to a V8 or back to a stock Pentastar. I'm the odd man out who went back to a stock Pentastar but I have a manual transmission, a 91 octane tune and a couple of other minor mods. That's a different story for a different thread, though.

To support the notion that you don't really need to upgrade the internals unless you go for some wild boost numbers (presumably with a turbocharger instead of a supercharger), have a look at this video of what a Pentastar looks like after 625,000 hard miles in a delivery/service van.

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