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Browning vs Beretta opinions

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considering buying an O/U this year. choices so far are Browning Cynergy or Beretta Silver Pigeon.

Looked at the BT99 as well, but I want one I can use for trap as well as field and maybe later skeet etc.

I used to have a Browning auto and now own a Beretta auto so no brand loyalty

both seem to come up nice and are comfortable and quick to point for me.

any opinions of one or the other?
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thanks for the info, but, can you expand a bit more on why you think the Beretta is the better choice. I have gotten that response a couple times but without reasons.
stopped at the local shop Fri after work. once again he had no cynergys in stock. took a look at the Citori 725 and a Beretta Pigeon.
was interesting called around to a few other shops, no one had the cynergy. most said they were hard to sell and they would order one if I prepaid but not to have it sit in their shop.

the Beretta won. it comes up to my shoulder very well. I like the feel of it. It didn't hurt that I currently shoot a Beretta auto.

I do have two issues with it, both very minor.
first the case it comes with. I expected something usable, not just hard plastic. oh well I have a nice case that it will be transported in.

second it comes with 5 chokes. yeah I should have read that a bit more literally. it comes with 5 chokes, not 5 pair of chokes. oh well ordered a couple extras off the beretta site and we should be good to go.

can't wait to get it out and see how it shoots. will probably still use the auto this week. than switch to this next week.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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