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Browning vs Beretta opinions

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considering buying an O/U this year. choices so far are Browning Cynergy or Beretta Silver Pigeon.

Looked at the BT99 as well, but I want one I can use for trap as well as field and maybe later skeet etc.

I used to have a Browning auto and now own a Beretta auto so no brand loyalty

both seem to come up nice and are comfortable and quick to point for me.

any opinions of one or the other?
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I'm a Browning guy - but OneOunce is right - if one fits you, the other one probably will not fit you. Your key issue here is Fit - not how they look - and you need to know the drop at comb, drop at heel, length of pull etc that fits you - or they both may be a mistake for you. Shotguns do not come in one size fits all .......

I'm also not a big Cynergy model fan / most of my guns are from the Citori model lineup - and while I think the jury is still out on the longevity of the Cynergy lockup system, it seems to be doing just fine.

As you probably realize, there are a lot of models of the Cynergy out there ( 17 in the current catalog ) / and in the 686 too ..... If you can, shoot similar models and see if they fit / take them to a patterning board if you can / you can't tell by shooting targets.
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