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Browning vs Beretta opinions

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considering buying an O/U this year. choices so far are Browning Cynergy or Beretta Silver Pigeon.

Looked at the BT99 as well, but I want one I can use for trap as well as field and maybe later skeet etc.

I used to have a Browning auto and now own a Beretta auto so no brand loyalty

both seem to come up nice and are comfortable and quick to point for me.

any opinions of one or the other?
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The only thing I can add it probably won't help you much is I purchased a 725 Sporting a couple of years back and it's a beast!

I would do a little research on which one holds their value over time historically, I know well kept but used 625's, 525's etc hold theirs pretty well.

Good luck they're both nice and I wouldn't hesitate buying either one!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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