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I noticed that I need new rear brake pads and I am going to do this my self. The question is am I in for any surprises? I mean this has never been a problem on any other vehicle but with the JK I just thought I would ask.:beer:
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Hadn't thought about the ESP angle. I had mine replaced (rears) at 40,585 miles. My Durango went 85,000 miles before I had them replaced, well into my second set of tires. I was surprised that I had to replace them so quickly. A good 2/3 of my driving is highway so I was expecting much more mileage than that! And I hadn't even had the trailer that long, or towed it very far before the brakes needed replacing. Oh, well. Its a jeep. Just Empty Every Pocket. Mine especially (see my bad gas thread).
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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