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Yes... I have searched and messed around for almost two weeks but I got to get it back on the road. My nearest dealer is a frickin moron (don't get me started on my dodge truck.) and the next closest is like 70 miles.

I've replaced the multifunction switch and the wiper stalk opposite the multifunction. I still don't have any lights, wipers, turn signals or anything on those stalks. I don't think it's the clockspring because my horn still works and no airbag lights. Besides the wiring for the two stalks doesn't go through the clockspring. I've checked the grounds I can find on the lower left of the drivers side floor kick panel. All good there. So now I'm lost.

My only remaining thought is the Tipm as it has some relays and a pcb board under the fuses. I wonder if something is fried in there.... But it sure is weird everything on the column doesn't work.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem some people said dealers found a bad ground under the steering wheel but u less I am missing something I can't find any grounds except for down by the kick panel. Only other thing I can think is that I have no inner fenders so I wonder if water or mud splashed up on the underside of the tipm. You would think in a jeep on that location it would be waterproof.... But who knows. This is in an 08. Any thoughtful help appreciated. I don't want to trailer it 70 miles to try to deal with more idiots! Canbus sucks!
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