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The PLAN------

OK- I am starting to sober up now---

Here is the plan---

Meet at the Hundy Compound at 9:30am Sat.
31559 hwy 18 92356
760 964 5123 cell

We'll head up hwy 18 the back way to Big Bear to Cactus Flats and up Jacoby cyn to 3n16. This will give us a good read on the amount of snow. From there, depending on who is with us and how deep the snow is--- we'll decide to run Gold mtn or John Bull trail. If it is REALLY deep we can run Holcomb Valley and the flatter easier trails. At the end of the day, we will be close to pavement no matter which trail we end up on so everyone will be able to get home fast! Well basically be running east to west and home.

Thats the plan- if you dont like it....

See ya all at 9:30!

I promise- it will be FUN!!!

And as always--- everyone is welcome, and no one will be left behind.



The mountain is calling my name!!!:bounce:

Hundy and BoonDocker are going to the snow on Saturday--- anyone want to hook up for some snow wheelin' in BB???

I'll post which trail and meeting place later.

Here is a pic of my backyard view this morning--:beer:


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Damn it. I'm already commited to a trip down in Anza Borrego.
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