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I know, I know. They have a crap reputation already but I didnt want to drop 5-600 on a new high steer kit. Here is what I just posted online on thier facebook page.

These guys have a shoddy product, customer service is a total joke, their warranty suck sweaty goat balls, and you can expect to get the run around from them at every opportunity.
Bolt on parts, HARDLY. My replacement parts would not fit so they told me I was supposed to drill out their part to make it fit yet their warranty says not covered if the parts are modified. Here is an actual quote from the product site.

"Changing the steering knuckle requires high dollar tools and/or professional installation, often requires additional cutting and welding, and is anything but a simple bolton operation. The Rocky Road OTT steering system can be installed by anyone... ANYONE! All bolton... not partially bolton like other kits that claim they are full bolton. This is THE TRUE bolton kit on this planet for a full high steer system on your Jeep."

I dont know, call me crazy but having to CUT your original parts to fit the exact spot I had one of your previous items does not mean BOLT ON. Let me clarify, this is not me saying I need to cut, its YOUR tech service people who told me this.

So to make a long story short, I am done dealing with your bullshit, I will charging back the cost of your replacement parts on my credit card when I call my bank shortly, and I will be replacing your garbage system with something that actually works and holds up, CURRIE!!!:flipoff::flipoff::flipoff::flame:
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