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I just got my Bestop Soft Doors and needed a mirror mount so I could use my American Outlaw Mirrors I already had.

The American Outlaw mirrors slide over the door hinge when the door is off so I needed something for them to slide over that would bolt up to the soft door.

The Bestop doors have a mounting plate so you can bolt on older style TJ mirrors to them, but I had a better idea. You could probably use this mounting location for other brands of mirrors or some other kind of homemade brackets also.

I welded a 3/4" rod to an L bracket I bent, drilled them out to fit the door hole pattern. A little grinding and paint. Ta-Da !

You can see the holes in the door skin. There is a steel plate behind there.
View attachment 68900

It was about 130 degrees in the driveway so the paint is baked on.
View attachment 68901

Look like they belong there.
View attachment 68902

Bad picture, but they work perfect !
View attachment 68903
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