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Check out the New and Improved
Bestop Powerboard and Powerboard NX!!
Powerboard priced at $1,048.99
Powerboard NX priced at $1,196.99

Click here to order

Bestop PowerBoard Retractable Electric Running Boards are automatic running boards that hide underneath your Jeep when doors are closed and extend to meet your foot when doors open. The PowerBoard NX Running Boards are unique as they feature a wireless setup, simplifying the installation process. PowerBoard Electric Running Boards feature an all new Torsion Bar mechanism that allows the rear linkage motor to drive the front linkage as well. This results in smoother operation and a closer, tighter fit at the front of the board against the rocker panel. These Running Boards also feature new styling that blends in with factory flares for a completely integrated appearance.These PowerBoards can hold up to 600lbs on each side and come with a 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranty

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