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Best and Worst Dealerships Thread

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I haven't bought my JK yet... still on the fence but in the event that I do make the decussion who should I go with?

I'm in Philadelphia PA area
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My local dealer has quite a few JKs on the lot. John Flynn Chrysler Jeep on Ridge Avenue in Roxborough. I have only been there once for recall service since they changed ownership. I bought vehicles there in the past.

John Flynn C/J

Are you looking for 2 or 4 door? X, Sahara or Rubicon?
Avoid Barbera on Roosevelt Blvd for service.
I'm looking for a 2dr Detonator Yellow Rubi soft top with MyGIG

I work in Cherry Hill so I stopped by the Cherry Hill TriPlex which has something close to what I want but not exactly they were talking about $28,700 roughly before Tax and Tags.

I'm personally not jumping the gun here since my current car is paid for.
You are shopping at a good time, id wait until something like employee pricing plus 0% financing, comes along. When I bought mine there was a 10% market demand increase on the Rubi Unlimited, and I bought from the same dealer i have bought 3 Jeeps from and they were not going to honor my employee discount, wont go back to them. Check out JKforum.com eastcoast rides. Headed to Rausch Creek on the 19-20July.
Thanks Andy for the info! I do plan on waiting it out... I just hope they still have that yellow or atleast carry it over to the following year! 0% would be great
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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