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Bedlining Hinges - no paint underneath!

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I bought a used 2008 4-door(half doors - so does that make it a 2-door!) with only 18k miles. Unfortunately, it spent most of it's life on a dirt road and was a filthy mess.

The rear hinges had a lot of rock chips - the fronts had a few. I pulled the doors and yanked the hinges. I noticed that there is no paint on the door under the hinge.

Do you think I should mask that area and hit it with some paint?

I am stripping the hinges and will be painting them with the rustoleum bed liner spray can stuff.

What about the hardware - can I replace the hardware with stainless or will that just accelerate the corrosion due to dissimilar metals?
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Yeah, paint them. Search on here and you'll see a lot of threads for the corrosion issue on the hinges. Really bad on '07 like mine and some '08s.

Do you have rock chips on the hinges and not on the surrounding doors?
Then what you really have is corrosion. The hinges are badly or unprimed aluminum and the doors are steel. From your post I assume you know the problem with dissimilar metals.

You can go SS if you want the shine, but it's not necessary. I just repainted mine with some rust-o-leum bedliner and haven't had a problem since.

edit: I also primed and painted the area under the hinges.
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