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which one do you like ?

  • hutchinson beadlock

    Votes: 35 37.6%
  • spyderlock

    Votes: 27 29.0%
  • atx slabs

    Votes: 31 33.3%
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Aesthetics I like Hutches, but if I remember correctly, their offset options suck. But I may be wrong on that.
Hutchinsons IMO. Reasons: double beadlock, reputation for quality/strength, military supplier.

Offset options are non-existent. 4.63" period. Like it or leave it.

Drawbacks IMO are the lack of a protective "rock ring" as on the single beadlocks you are considering, and the pickiness of tire selection. You have to spec the inner locking sleeve to suit your specific tire. Some have a thicker bead and require a different sleeve. You can get more info at rockmonsterwheels.com
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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