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I was getting that little nudge to the side when hitting bumps and when bottoming the dips in the service road. I didn't wanna stress the trackbar to axle welds with an axle side mount so I picked up a BDS upper bracket a week or so ago.
Finally got a couple of hours away from work today so I did the install.
Quick n easy, seemed like a good, well engineered product.
Fit was perfect, you do have to drill one hole in the existing top track mount (top gold bolt in the first pic), but its easy to get right and easy to get to with a drill. No contortions required.
Took it for a quick test drive and caught a little air over a set of railroad tracks with much smoother, more predictable landing results :bounce:
You can see on the last pic where my t-bar angle ended up.
Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pics till after the install but it was pretty easy and theres a great write up on one of the other jeep sites at http://www.jeepfan.com/projects/BDSJKTrackBarBracket.php

Anyway, here are some pics.


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