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Although these aren’t all Jeeps, I figured you guys would appreciate checking out some photos we caught from last weekend’s Battle at Primm. This event has quite a few different classes, but our focus was on the 1450 Truck Series because a close friend of ours, Craig Reynolds, of Reynolds Racing was running his 20 year old F-150 through this year’s event for the first time in two years. Primm’s six relatively short 13 mile laps create a hard hitting full throttle adrenaline ride that challenges drivers to push the limits because in a course this short every second counts. Despite issues like having to replace a passenger side beam and a continually hot engine Reynolds pulled through at 13th on day one and 9th on day two, finishing 10th overall. Of the 38 trucks that started ther ace, only 13 managed to cross the finish line. Congrats to racer Dave Hill who took first place. Great race to all ofthose who participated! Time for the good stuff, some photos from the event!

Check this out. Quendo lost a wheel! The tire continued on for about a mile

Quendo a few laps before the wheel mishap

Big Air!

Even Jeeps can fly

LJ! Ok I feel at home now...

LJ for the photobomb...

Ok fine I have to get one of the LJ, she's a beaut

Rebel Mobile HQ

Check back on this thread or our facebook for a video from the event. We are still editing so stay tuned.

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Great video, thanks for sharing.

I've never seen a crazy long arm IFS like that before.
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