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Anybody on here have any experience with battery testers, specifically electronic conductance testers?

I'm looking to get a new tester (I test a ton of batteries at work) and have been looking at the Midtronics MDX 650 and the Snap-On EECS350. They both seem to offer similar features, but the Snap-On is quite a bit cheaper ($150-$250 cheaper, depending on where I look).

I think Midtronics is a well respected name in battery testers, but I suppose the Snap-On isn't junk, and it seems like a much better value (not common for Snap-On tools). I've had Snap-On battery testers before (seemed like a better value then too), but I'm not set on a brand if there is a good reason to spend more.

Anyone with any experience or recommendations? Any other good options? This won't be used in a shop environment, but must be carried around in a vehicle and used in fields, on rooftops, in basements, etc. So a full size shop tester with a carbon pile isn't practical, just FYI.
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