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I'm new off roading and was wondering what are the basic necessities I should have in my jeep while wheelin'? A First aid kit, flash light, and tire repair kit are already in my jeep. I was thinking tow and recovery straps, gloves and maybe 2 shackles maybe more??? What does everyone carry with them when they go wheelin'? I'm sure this has been covered before and if it has I'm sorry for the repost.

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Mostly good suggestions above. :)

More than you asked for, but good information from the bylaws of the Esprit de Four club based in San Jose, CA at the link below. See Articles IV & V. This is pretty consistent with other clubs I've looked at and also with California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (Cal 4 Wheel).


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all depends where you are going. If I'm doing an afternoon trip to a place nearby I will bring tools and a fire extinguisher. If I'm going to Moab that list will get a little longer.

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Hi-Lift Jack and a dog.

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1st aid kit
shit load of tools in bags
recovery strap
extra food
self defense tools
spare parts
spare fluids
rain poncho
emergency blanket
tie downs
FIF Sneck

and what good is an ax gonna do on rocks and sand? :thefinger:

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Thanks for all the input guys. All the rides we do are just small day trips but there is always food water and girls with us. I figure a hi lift will be next on my list of things to buy after tires along with a winch and recovery gear.

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Off the top of my head...

First aid kit and the ability to use it
contents depend on ability
antiseptic (alchol pads)
extra meds you take (blood pressure, insulin, etc)
Spare tire
Something to air a tire up with
Tire plug kit
Tools-sockets, ratchet, wrenches, extension, pry bar!, screwdrivers, wratchet straps
Jack base (spread out load if you have to jack on mud/sand/loose dirt)
Poncho or rain jacket
Light source
Parts (valve stems/cores, bolts)
Rifle or pistol or shotgun (or all)
Ammo as appropriate
Snacks and water
To get you through the day
Know the channel monitored in the area (33 at Coal Creek)
Recovery gear-leather gloves, shackle, tow strap, tree saver, winch stuff (REMOTE)
blanket for wire line
I use a gerber camp axe mounted with quick fist clamps
Fire extinguisher
Even the cans from Home Depot are better than nothing
Extra clothes based on conditions (warm for winter, cool for summer)
Charger plugs for your powered accessories
Extra batteries for whatever you have that needs them

For overlanding also consider the following
More water
Water purification
Filter, tablets, clorox
More food
More batteries
Signal mirror
Fire starter
Fat wood
or whatever your favorite fire starter is
Map and ability to use it
Chainsaw can be handy but is situational
Fuel for said chainsaw
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