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Balljoint Delete Systems By American Iron

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I looked into these last year when I started building my Jeep, now I see bleepin Jeep and others installing them.
Anyone have personal experience or thoughts on the matter?

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Do either the Dynatrac or American Iron kits allow the upper "c" to support some of the load or is that still a feature only on the Rare Parts balljoints?
Take a look at the new ones from Metal Cloak. I'm local and drove down and got a set, very nice. It looks like the have the good parts from the dynatrac and rare parts. Grease-able, sealed, rebuildable and split the weight on upper/lower.

Jeep JK Wrangler Baller Joints™, HD Ball Joints, Full Set

I'm just waiting for the Tq specs to be published and I'll put them in with the RCVs I have leaned up against the wall.

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Can you take a better picture of one of the upper joints unwrapped and also measure the lip on the upper BJ that will sit at the bottom of the upper "c"

This was part of the problem with the original Rare Parts ball joints when trying to use a Tera44 housing.
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@Rob50lx take a look at those new Metalcloak mentioned above (y)
Yes, I'm keeping an eye on them. At that price I'm not going to be the first Tera44 Ginny pig like I was for the 1st production run of the RP joints. I'll wait until someone actually installs them on Tera44 housing. Somewhere in this forum I discussed my issue with the RP joints and they were of no help at the time. They did make the threaded body longer later down the road after I already ditched the RP BJs.

Here is my older post: Can we discuss Rare Parts Ball Joints... again
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