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well...its time...

partin out...my 1991 explorer thats SAS'd.

all parts located near ZANESVILLE OHIO

pix of all the stuff...if its listed..theres probably a picture..


6in EB coils $80 (black)

Sterling 10.25 rear axle..4.10's with 3/4 Ubolts setup for sploder springs..8lug..enw brakes..$175

35x12.5x15 SWAMPERS...4 are 25-40%...5th is ALMOST NEW!!!..on newer (2 yr old) craiger 7inx15 bolt pattern 8x6.5 (3/4-1ton ford chevy...)
$500 for the SET of 5 ON RIMS...WILL NOT SEPPERATE!!

VIVAIR 350 with scubatank and controler..$350 complete and ready to go!

HD dana44 4.10's (8 lug) with ALLOY USA cro-mo axle on shortside and both outters USA..welded diff..shaved..chevy TRE high-steer 1/2in thick tubing made by bob meyers and trackbar...$650...EVERYTHING to install it in your ranger...do a weekend SAS!!

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