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2012 JK Rubicon Unlim 3.6
I bought it around 2 years ago, I have made regular fluid changes every 3-6 months, I like stuff clean.
I am not sure how shifting is triggered but it feels like a worn our sensor of some kind. Firstly it was every once and a while I would bump the shifter and it wouldnt shift so I would apply pressure in different areas, ie; downward left or upward left and it would engage and continue to work for maybe weeks on end then I'd try to engage it again, normally, it wouldnt do it so I'd apply pressure in a different fashion and it would engage. Now I am 6-8 months out and it wont activate regardless of what I do. It's irritating because the factory timing as most people feel sucks. I prefer to do the shifting when I want it to shift not when IT (tranny) thinks it needs to shift and I hate mashing the pedal to get it to shift, not economical and when downshifting it is frequently to slow.
Anyone have knowledge of how these shfters work? I am very mechanically inclined but I want to know something about it before I tear into it. Chiltons doesnt tell me anything. Do I not mess with it and just replace it with the factory units I see from ebay? is there a sensor thats worn that I can swap out? Anythings great, thanks!
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