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I have a 2013 JK and I'm wondering what it would take to convert to auto climate control...
JK's aren't luxury vehicles, so you may be barking up the wrong tree if you want a cheap slick advanced auto climate control system.

If the JK is anything like other makes/models, it will take a lot of work and wiring. There are lot of sensors/motors for ACC that regular climate control doesn't need.
Read below...

Curious as to the motivation? Cool factor? Some benefit?
With the way the Jeep pumps out heat, I could see the benefit of ACC.

I believe it's all the matter of replacing the current AC/Heating controls and a dealer program.

If I'm wrong, someone can correct me...
What if you used some slick home thermostat in the circuit? You would have to adjust the Hot/Med/Cold yourself, but it could certainly maintain the temperature.
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