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I would rather set it and forget it. It gets annoying adjusting often
What gets annoying is the ACC never being right! Unfortunately, when it senses that the correct temp has been reached, it starts throttling back the fan speed, not just the temp. Not always the best thing. Sometimes you just want the air circulating at the same speed, even though the temp is adjusted warmer or cooler (depending on season). Sometimes, some passengers are in sun while others are in shade. Air circulation can help those in sun without freezing those in shade.

IMO, the auto temp was a waste of $150ish that the dealer slipped into my order and by the time I noticed it, I thought it wasn't worth quibbling over. But if I had to do it again, I'd order the manual only unit, and I'd go to the trouble to refuse the auto one.

I find it hard to believe that Jeeps not equipped with ACC still have all the temp sensors and motors installed to regulate and keep a temperature constant. I suppose I could be wrong about that but it wouldnt make sense to put those parts in every jeep, unless it was somehow cheaper to install them in every jeep vs the cost of the parts.
Unless all the sensors, thermostats, etc. are contained in the Auto Temp control head itself. Don't know this to be true; just sayin'.
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