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This was posted on Warns corporate site. Write your reps and congressmen to keep this from passing.


Oregon to reintroduce bill to limit suspension/tire alterations
There's been a bill (H.B. 3147) introduced in the Oregon legislature that would greatly limit a vehicle's suspension, body lift, and wheel/tire modifications. To be specific, H.B. 3147 would ban vehicles whose bumpers are elevated more than 3 inches above the original manufactured bumper clearance. An identical bill was originally introduced in 2001. According to the SEMA Action Network page the bill would:

Ban reasonably altered vehicles due to overstated concerns with bumper mismatch

Discriminate against hobbyists and aftermarket parts makers (ahem ... that's us) by leaving it solely to the vehicle manufacturers to choose bumper heights

Force owners of modified vehicles to spend large sums of money to reinstall original components (ahem ... that's you).

Ban useful alterations that provide adequate clearance for on/off road capability and accommodate heavy loads, larger tires, improved suspension and water-fording capability

Impose a fine of up to $360 per offense for vehicles that exceed the 3 inch clearance requirement

The SEMA Action Network's website states, "This bill tramples on the rights of 4x4 enthusiasts in Oregon." We agree. Not only would this burden enthusiasts, it'd hurt manufacturers, such as Warn Industries, who make off-road equipment.

Warn Industries urges you to contact members of the House Committee on Transportation and Economic Development.

Representative Cliff Bentz - Co-Chair
Phone: 503/986-1460
Email: [email protected]

Representative Tobias Read - Co-Chair
Phone: 503/986-1427
Email: [email protected]

Representative E. Terry Beyer - Co-Vice Chair
Phone: 503/986-1412
Email: rep.terrybey[email protected]

Representative Patrick Sheehan - Co-Vice Chair
Phone: 503/986-1451
Email: [email protected]

Representative Shawn Lindsay
Phone: 503/986-1430
Email: [email protected]

Representative Nancy Nathanson
Phone: 503/986-1413
Email: [email protected]

Representative Jefferson Smith
Phone: 503/986-1447
Email: [email protected]

Representative Jim Weidner
Phone: 503/986-1424
Email: [email protected]
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