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I have a number of Garvin and one Thule Jeep Wrangler accessories for sale. They fit theJK model with two piece hard top in 2-4door models from 2007 till the present. I would prefer a bundle type sale for everything purchase for 1000 or best offer. There is nearly $2500.00here and im only asking $1000.00 or best offer the list is as follows:

1.). Thule brand double bike rack "T2" model #916XTR RATED 5 stars this product Retails at $449.00 will ask $225.00

2.). Garvin light mounts package retails at $223.00 asking $112.00

3.). Garvin trail rack (above spare tire) Retails at $411.95. asking $205.00

4.) Garvin license plate brackets Retails at$35.95 asking $20.00
5.) Garvin wilderness expedition rack JK4 $1000.00 asking$750

I'd rather sell all the items in a package deal and be done with it for a $1000.00 or best offer. But, if needs be I'll Ell all items individually at half the retail price per item before taxes.

All parts and hardware are there, some items have never Been used and they've been Kept with the used parts in an enclosed heated storage shed. All items look as new as the day they were purchased.

I can be reached any time of day or night at 3603248788 or 3602667540. Won't give my address on line so it me up and I'll direct you on how to find the house. We are in Chehalis Washington and I'm willing to drive the items anwher in the state if need be
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