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I'm in too. There has to be a good BBQ joint or something somewhere down there.
This is going to be fun now maybe I can get a few of the Crew to make a road trip. We can get out and wheel a few places I know. The biggest problem is finding a place that replaces the Pic to eat at afterwards. There is just nothing like it down here.
Jeremy you might just have to take them 45-60min to Lexington for BBQ(proclaimed BBQ capital of world), it would be worth the ride. There is NOTHING close to Uwharrie to eat except the Eldorado and thats really just something to hold you over lol. You guys could stay at the Uwharrie cabins or camp at Badin Lake or everyone crash at Christians house :lol: Oh yeah if you want beer get it before you get to Uwharrie.

go in October for the festival
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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