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Sometimes it's just fun to create a simple bracket. Not everything has to be a 6Pak or Patentable. :2thumbsup:

In that spirit we recently released two new brackets for the JK Wrangler...

First is the sPod Mount and Vacuum Pump Relocation Kit.

This product came about because of the necessity to move the vacuum pump on most 2012 and later JK's if you want your winch to sit low between the frame rails.

However, the location most of us relocate it to, is also where John at sPod likes to put that cool little box.

So, we created a mount that will work with both. :thumbsup:

Next was the ARB Twin Compressor. With Cloakworks 4x4 going strong building Jeeps for customers every day, we saw a need for a better under the hood mount for the ARB Twin Compressor... so we made one.

Easy to install, the mount looks great under the hood.

Learn more on our Parts & Accessories page...
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