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Yes I am continuously amazed at how much damage can happen just from UPS throwing around the boxes. We do our best to wrap the products and protect them during shipping, while trying to avoid using that messy spray-in foam others use.

It's one of the reasons we continuously review whether or not we should just be like the others and not offer powdercoating. But for now, we'll continue to offer it and continue to guarantee your satisfaction.
When I got my exo skin stuff from you guys for my 2 door there was some blemishes from shipping as well. The packaging looked great I think its just one of those things thats hard to avoid with shipping such irregular sized heavy objects. I think you should continue to offer the powder coating but just let the customer know of the inherit damage that may occur with shipping such stuff. I rattle can everything now but I think if I ever want to have anything powder coated I will just have it done locally.
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