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Anyone have WeatherTech?

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Anyone have the WeatherTech floor mats? They look like they fit well. Comments?


Almost fits well enough that they would catch the water that pours into the jeep when I open the front doors during rain (great design jeep). Also cover enough to catch all the mud I tend to smear everywhere.

(bigger pics at web site)

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Check out the "Before spending $$$ on Husky floor liners..." thread. There are some guys that don't care for them for various reasons- fit, quality, etc. That thread is probably in the "new products" section. Don't remember...

I was going to get them to replace my Husky floor liners, but after reading some of the complaints, decided to hold off. Also there is another forum....umm, can't recall which one (lol)...that has some negative feedback on them as well. Maybe they're OK- I personally have no idea...just what i've read.

I agree- The design of the hardtop allows water to come pouring into the jeep as soon as you open the door. Just fantastic, Chrysler.
I have Weathertechs in my truck and the wife's Yukon. I have Huskys in the jeep. The Weathertechs are MUCH better quality. I hate the Huskys. The Weathertechs are worth the money IMO.

i have never had huskys, but i do have the weathertechs in my jeep. The fit is awesome, and they hold water and mud very well. The only complaint i have with them is if you run them without carpet...they are made out of a plastic/rubber composite..so they hold their form basically. however, this causes them to be a little slippery when placed directly on the metal floor of the jeep. When they are on the carpet they are fine, and stay in place, as they have a hole in them where that little thing fits through to keep them from moving at all. I would deff buy them again, great product :)
Pull your carpets and line the tub. Screw floor mats.
That would be my first choice (Por-15 & Herculiner), but I just bought my JK and it only has 7k on it...... I don't care but my significant other likes the carpet :shaking:

I ordered the Weathertech mat's today (front only.....2dr), so I'll post some pics after I receive/install them :)
You made a good choice. I had the Husky's in my TJ and these Weathertechs kick the Husky's a$$...
weather tech installed

I installed the full set of weathertechs for my 4 door this weekend. The fit is excellent and it seems like it will keep the carpet from getting dirty. I will post pics and review at a later date after I beat on them for a while:beer::smokin:
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