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anyone have first hand experience with...

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Lange Quick Release mirrors or the Outlaw mirrors. I just want to start getting ready for the good weather so I can rip off my doors and drive legally around my parts. I would like to know as much about these side mirror choices as possible before I go and order them.

I did a search and the closest thing I found was a write-up for custom mirrors. Thats nice and all, but I dont have the skills to make my own. I'm a goof when it comes to making things from scratch.

Any info would be much appreciated,

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I have the lange mirror and like it alot. It is for the TJ but works fine. It just sits in the door hinge and has a knob to tighten it up. Here is the link...http://langeoriginals.com/langeMX.htm
I got a 3" round convex and bolted it thru the hinge. Works good, was about 7 bucks.
I have the Olympic Safari Mirrors and they work great. They vibrate a little at highway speeds, but are still usable, keep me legal, and let me see what is going on.

They also fold in when you hit stuff on the trail.


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