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Any Sig fans out there?

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I am thinking about selling my HK USP 45 and getting a Sig P220 Elite. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with the Sig? I know the mag capacity is less, but the Sig has fewer problems jamming, even with cheap ammo. I also like that you can attach a Crimson Trace laser, a tactical light and that the grip is bobtailed.
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Just get a "Glock" & you'll be done.
Try this, some great Info, should help ya out..
I recently bought a Sig P6- it's the German police version of the P225. Single stack, fairly compact, super accurate, and seems to be reliable. Put about 400 rounds through it so far, not one malfunction. Best part- $250.00! I'm a die hard 1911 guy, but I'm liking this little Sig.
Bingo, that's what your looking for in any handgun,:beer: Sig's a great handgun...
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