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Any Sig fans out there?

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I am thinking about selling my HK USP 45 and getting a Sig P220 Elite. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with the Sig? I know the mag capacity is less, but the Sig has fewer problems jamming, even with cheap ammo. I also like that you can attach a Crimson Trace laser, a tactical light and that the grip is bobtailed.
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I think it is harder to find someone that doesnt like sigs than people that do.
You've found him ;) I've had a few and still have a 220, and never took to them. I didn't take to the use of roll pins either. That said they are very well made and just about everyone with them loves them.
Front sight focus!!! Do not shoot with a laser,
X2 Laser sights have their place, but I find them to be gimmicky on defensive weapons.
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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