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Any Sig fans out there?

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I am thinking about selling my HK USP 45 and getting a Sig P220 Elite. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with the Sig? I know the mag capacity is less, but the Sig has fewer problems jamming, even with cheap ammo. I also like that you can attach a Crimson Trace laser, a tactical light and that the grip is bobtailed.
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It will be for work, so I am only able to get a P220. Say what you will about the Beretta, I have carried one since they replaced my wheel gun in 1992. It has always worked and I shoot well with it. There have been a few instances where the ears on the locking blocks have cracked, though. Not on my pistol, but a few from my department and LAPD. I always make a point of checking it closely when I clean my 92F.

I think I may already have a buyer for my H&K.
Never been a fan of Glocks myself. Not an issue for me though, since they are not authorized!
I have found some people that were not fans of the 220 Carry version due to problems with an internal extractor malfunctioning. There was another guy having problems with feeding issues. I am looking at the full size. It does not seem to have those problems. Over all, you are right. Not many complaints or haters.
Well, I shot a P220, P220 Elite, my H&K USP 45 and a P226 for ****s and giggles. I shot my USP the best, but I am sure that is because I have thousands of rounds through it. I was really impressed with how smooth the triggers were on the Sigs. I liked the P220 Elite the best. It was a surprise everytime the hammer dropped! I liked the P226, too. If I were looking for another 9mm, it would be a no brainer. Maybe my department will see fit to issue them after a few Berettas fail.

I will be ordering a P220 Elite very soon.
I like the USP, but I like the SIG more. The trigger seems smoother to me and I like the quick reset. I like the beaver tail on the grip and it feels a little more natural in my hand, not as bulky. I just bought a SIG P220 Elite today, and I will be picking it up on 8-4. I will post a picture of it then.
Glocks are not authorized for me to use. I dont know why, but they dont like them. One of the reasons I got rid of my H&K was that it has a tendancy to jam if you use dirty ammo or put a lot of rounds through it.
I guess I will just have to try to not fall in the mud or keep my pistol in the freezer!

Choosy moms choose Jiff. I like Skippy:smokin:
No offence taken or dickery detected.

I have found I can put lead where I want it a little quicker with the laser since the eyes are not what they used to be. I am by no means dependant on it and shoot just fine without a laser. I have had a Crimson Trace on my Beretta for the past 6 years and have not had any problems. I train both with and without the laser because I believe that if something is going to malfunction, it will probably do it when you need it most. Lasers are no good in daylight, either. I think that a lot of people that do not shoot well think that a laser will magically improve their shooting. Not true. If your technique sucks, a laser makes no difference.
You are right about the laser showing where you are in certain settings. Thats where the training comes in and you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using the laser. Or a flashlight, for that matter. At least with a flashlight, you can blind the bad guy.
Will do! I am more in the training/mentor mode after 18 1/2 years. I go out in the field once a week, usually with a trainee or on my own. The rest of the time, I am the watch deputy.
Picked it up today. Now I just need to get a few more magazines and some duty leather.

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