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Yeah I had a blast. Got good n muddy, got to know some of my fellow club members a lil better, and found a place to wheel that is REALLY close to home.

Here's a few pics...I mostly shot video:
About to go swimming:

Some big ol ******* truck that I liked:

I like this pic. Looks like some sort of monster lurking in the woods:

Our 3 jeeps after playing:

I had to drive by the jeep dealership I bought my jeep at. They have "jeep mountain" built out by the road. I needed to get my pic taken w/ the pretty jeeps:

Here is my first attempt at editing down a gob of video - wife shot the video. If nothing else, the tune is catchy:

I liked this place. It's close and fun. The problem, which is common unfortunately, is that degenerate assholes go there and dump trash. Obvious signs of contractors dumping refuse there as well as broken bottles etc. that come from campfires and carelessness. Makes me mad, but what can ya do?

Anyways, I'd recommend this place for some good offroading fun in central fl.

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bet that black mud smells sweeeeeet. Guess it dont matter but my buddy who is a nuclear pharmicist, lives in Orange City...drives to Winterhaven once a week or so. He doesnt wheel though (lame bastard). Nice pics...Love those tires...So many people showin up here, dont remember if I said "hey!" yet, so..."HEY!"
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