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Another Trailer thread

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So I finally got started on my trailer build this weekend. It's a basic 4'x8' trailer with 12" sides. The top rail is 1" angle. The side posts are 1.25" angle. Both about 1/8" thick. 13" wheels on 5x4.5" hubs.

The bottom frame is 2" x 3/16" angle and the floor is diamond plate. I think it's 14 gauge. It's a little thin, but the trailer came this way for $500 bucks so I can't complain too much.

as I bough it, about 15" deck height

I picked up a 3500lb 66" underslung axle from Northern Tool for about $87. I bought 5x5" hubs online for another $56 delivered, and 2-3/8" ubolt kit for another $18. So about $161.00. Had to move the spring perches in a bit. The wheels are jegs 17x8 steelies with 4" backspacing - $150 delivered for both. Tires are 315/70r17 spares I had in the garage - $20 mounting & balancing for both. So here's where I'm at with $831.00 into the trailer... about 25" deck height

About 1-1/8" clearance. Once I raise the top rail up to 21" to match the tailgate/ramp, I'll have about 2" clearance.

I'll get some pics of it behind the jeep in this weekend. I'll be cutting off the side posts and replacing with 1"x2" x 1/8" rectangular tube cut to about 20" long and the top rail will be replace with the same. Should give me a 21" height to match the tailgate. Not sure if I'll sheet the side or not. Trying to keep cost down right now to keep the bank account and wife happy.
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