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Another Red Star give-a-way

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Yep that's right, yet another Red Star give-a-way.

First I am honoring a year membership to Justin (Gear) for his latest barrage of write ups. So I am giving him a membership for that effort. Excellent contributions Justin! :bounce:

But now for the next free one year Red Star memberships.

You must submit a write up in this forum. You must provide a link to your write up in this thread. You have until January 1st or until there are 10 entires per category submitted. The 10 entry limit is because of the 10 item limit on polls. You can submit as many write ups as you want but they must be YOUR material that YOU wrote and can not be copies of someone else's work. If they are work you did but you are copying from another website that is acceptable. However no matter how many you submit, all of your entries will count as one entry only in the contest. But people will be able to read all of your entries to determine if you are worthy of their vote.

I will however have 2 categories and you can only submit for one category for each entry.

#1) The best bang for the buck.

#2) The most notable improvement.

Remember the rules are, you need to submit a stand alone writeup in it's own thread. It needs to be a complete modification or upgrade and include understandable instructions as well as some images. You will need to provide a link in this thread for your submission and to which category you are submitting for. This contest ends January 1st or as soon as there are 10 entries in each category. The polls will be posted as soon as either category has the 10 entries or two polls will be posted after the first of the year. One final stipulation, they can not be write ups that you have already submitted. :mr-t:

Here are my two entries, one in each category to get you thinking and the gears turning. These are not official entries just some ideas.

Best bang for the buck: 8 large paper clips "borrowed" from the office to paper clip my seat belts together to stop them from rattling when not being used. ;)

Most notable improvement: Nerf football purchased at the dollar store and wedged between my sound bar and soft top, now my top no longer flaps in the wind driving down the road. ;)

It's now up to you! What have you got?
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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