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Another guy in So Cal

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Hi. I just got my JK after about a year of waiting for my fortune to change. I have been off roading on and off for 17 years. This is my second Jeep (first was a 79 CJ 5) and I am happy to be back in the Jeep family.
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What up. Welcome back to jeeping. Looks like alot of guys are from socal. We must go jeepin sometime.
Just got here myself... From Central Coast!! Welcome nice to meet ya
Welcome from Reno, although we'll be moving back to SoCal in June.

My wife's Great Aunt and Uncle live in Exeter, we go and visit them several times a year, maybe we can get together some time and do some wheeling up there.
Thanks, all, for the kind words. Hope to see you out on the trail.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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